We normally can build a ramp for you under the following general circumstances. 

  1. You must be disabled, and your home must be in New Mexico. 
  2. You must own your home, or have a mortgage on it (Apartments are not eligible).
  3. The home must be permanently sited (a mobile home is OK, but an RV, trailer or fifth wheel are not). 
  4. The home owner and land owner (if applicable) must be willing to sign a release. 
  5. The desired ramp must be outside, and must not be a boardwalk (it must slope down from a door to the ground) 
  6. The ramp request is made by someone other than the client, who understands the client’s needs and can state them objectively (a member of the medical community, clergy or a social worker).
  7. The location where the ramp is to be built must be clear and safe (no hazardous chemicals, feces, dangerous animals, reptiles, spiders, trash etc.)
  8. The ramp will be less than 70 feet.  For every inch the ramp goes down it will have to be a foot long.
  9. Restroom facilities must be available.
  10. Your income must be below the Median Income for your county. Please look at this chart to see what the income limits are for your county.

If you can answer “Yes” to each question, please click the button to go to the request form (Remember, this form must be filled out for the client by a medical professional, social worker, clergy, or other representative).