If you got here by accident from the Texas Ramp site…

Go back! (We build ramps only in New Mexico.)

If you are someone who needs a ramp…

Because we not in a position to evaluate the medical or financial needs of prospective clients, we cannot take referrals directly from clients. Please contact your healthcare professional or caseworker about coming here to make the referral.

If you are a healthcare professional or caseworker…

… and you have a client who needs a ramp, you are in the right place – just complete the referral form below. All fields indicated with an asterisk must be completed. (Missing information only delays the process.) Do not include any protected medical information.

Also, please note that our ability to provide ramps is restricted by our current state of funding and backlog of pending referrals. We are a donation-funded, all-volunteer group. Consequently, we cannot make any commitment regarding the time frame for building a specific ramp. We will do our very best for every client.

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