The New Mexico Ramp Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community-based organization that brings together volunteers to ‘Build independence for those in Need’. Project volunteers build wheelchair ramps for the low-income with mobility issues.

There are three steps to setting up the project in a new area:

• Volunteers from the target area, talk with people who can identify the amount of need.

• Talk with local civic organizations, churches, colleges, and businesses to identify volunteer leaders who can be trained in that area.

• Identify funding sources in each area and anyone interested in assisting the program to get it started.

Ramp Building Volunteers

If you’d like to become involved in the building of ramps for our clients, either as an individual or a group, please contact us with a note of your interest to and we’ll make sure the right person/city receives your message. Some regions have more detailed volunteer information and build schedules online. Please see the links to those pages below.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the actual building, we have other important things that need to get done in order for us to achieve our objectives. If you would be interested in helping with activities such as administration, marketing, information technology, grant writing, etc. Please send an email to

Ramp Building Volunteers: What You Should Know


•  Plan on staying until the ramp is finished. Some ramps take longer than others due to size, complexity, and amount of on-site customization. If you must leave at a certain time, please make this known at the warehouse as ramp assignments are being made. On average, ramps are finished by 2:00 PM but that is not a guarantee.

•  Be prepared for safe construction workflip flops or similar shoes are unsafe and should not be worn. We also need to have at least two adults able to use an electric drill/screwdriver and assist other volunteers.

•  Bring drills (at least one for every two people), work gloves, lunch (or snacks) and plenty of water.

We’re sorry, but insurance prevents us from allowing kids under the age of 16 on the build site, and we cannot transport minors to/from the site.  We also ask that there be at least two adult supervisors at the site (in case one has to leave and take someone somewhere, there would still be a supervisor on site for the remainder of the minors.  We do, however, have painting opportunities that might be suitable for kids 12 and older.

Ordering New Mexico Ramp Project workwear – These items can be ordered here.