A Special Thank You From A Case Worker

THANK YOU so very much to you and volunteers that made this happen for our Medicare Advantage Member – a retiree of the TX School System. As you know, those that work in the TX School System give so much of their time, love, wisdom, and skills to the children of Texas. And now, as a retiree of the TX School System, an organization has extended a hand of love and labor to Mr. W.

The Texas Ramp Project has repeatedly played a key role in the success to gift our members the freedom to leave their home again: the ability to visit family and friends, attend religious services, or the simple ability to sit under a tree in their yard. Your generous support of your volunteer staff, donating groups, and corporate partners which provide funding, materials, and facilities allowing for your work...ALL have made a difference in the life of Mr. W.

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your generosity.

Thank you again for opening the world for Mr. W.

A Waxahachie Client
I am so thankful to the The Texas Ramp Project. If it was not for them I would be stuck inside my home. They have allowed me to get out and go to the doctor and enjoy pretty days outside.