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With her two replaced knees and her husband’s unsteadiness following a stroke and their old ramp more useful as a one-way theme park ride, our clients needed a safe way to their car. So we ripped out the old and installed the new, a properly sloping 68-foot beast.

As always good work by volunteers from the Texas Project Ramp project, who give up their Saturday mornings to make the world a little bit better place: Paul Sughroue, Kay Lovelace, Sam Lomeli, Kim Canney, Karen Fruhwirth, Beverly Ford, Mai Loan, John Saxon, Marty Baleux and Steve.


BEFORE — with Paul Sughroue, Kay Lovelace, Kim Canney, Sam Lomeli, Beverly Ford, Marty Baleux and Karen Fruhwirth.


AFTER — with Marty Baleux, Paul Sughroue, Karen Fruhwirth, Kim Canney, Kay Lovelace, Sam Lomeli, John Saxon and Beverly Ford.


The all crucial first module, from which the entire ramp flows . . .


The ever-patient Paulie explaining to moi how to do it correctly.


Sam does a QA of the work at about the mid point.


Karen and Mai puttng up the uprights that will hold the handrails.


A ramp is only as good as its end. After magically transporting all the left over paving stones, Sam and Martin create a path through the mud and muck to the driveway.


Ta da. Good work lads . . .

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